As I left my hotel this morning on my way to 18 more hours of post work, I stumbled across a small gallery featuring the work of Jeremy Wood, an UK artist who creates art out a GPS unit attached to his body.

First I noticed were the images, a mix of child drawings and Pollock (one can argue that there's no difference between both), only to be greeted with this long explanation, on a 8.5x11 paper, about what all those pencil-lik drawings were all about.

Anyway, basically, this guy makes drawings and maps of his movements by recording all his daily journeys with a GPS creating a personal cartography. He did, for instance, the biggest pentagram in the world, choosing different destinations in the planet and flying to them, creating a path on his GPS. Or an elephant in Brighton. Or some abstract looking art playing with the lawnmower on his backyard.

Pretty fucking cool if you ask me.