With the recent Obama administration decisions gearing towards an end to the Cuban embargo (finally!), things will definitely change for the better in the caribbean island. It was about time.

But I'll miss one thing: their unique posters. From the OSPAAAL to the ICAIC, Cuban posters, just like their Polish cousins, will be forever remembered for their amazing design and ingenuous creativity.

Created under Castro's administration and being a direct fruit of the revolution, they vary from political (most of them) to sports, and have brought to the spotlight artists like Faustino Perez and Alfredo Rostgaard.

Its fair to say that the Cuban Posters best years are behind us now, but the work is still fresh. If you enjoy some real creative talent (try having Fidel approving your ads) and have some time to spare, you should definitely check it out.

Cuban Poster Art

Art Of Cuba

Cuban Posters Book